Example : Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 by KONAMI

Let's discuss about my capture experience that is...

Arcade "Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2" by KONAMI

I did this project with sudocho & one senior guy using micomsoft SC-500N1/DVI from Dream Game Land from Seoul Korea. DDR SN2 is based on customized "Sony Playstation 2" via RGB signal output. Fortunately, our target in which old korea ver. DDR machine has external output via DSUB(15k RGB) & RCA LR audio line-out from backplane of bottom-right. Actually that DSUB port output was 3.3Vp-p from JAMMA harness which is for RGB industry monitor. In addition, it had been bridged both JAMMA and external DSUB output. While we were connected this external output, the actual monitor brightness to decreased that insufficient brightness level for playing.
 Here's the result by external DSUB port by before modified. The color has quite problem and too high brightness. The video by sudocho's youtube channel.

Raw capture clip via SC-500N1/DVI from DDR SN2 AC
Analog RGB 640x480 60finterlaced

 For solve this problem, we had modified the external port from through 3.3V p-p to 0.7V p-p. I said from above the port has been bridged that need to change to no-bridged, it should be through from "Python 2 unit" PCB's DSUB port (0.7V p-p RGBHV, & line-level audio). Details are shown in this link page. We changed external port from JAMMA bridged signal to PCB's DSUB output. Luckily DSUB from PCB signal through separate sync that means RGBHV signal, no-needed to separate the sync signal. In this working, as mentioned the first as, we used SC-500N1/DVI with DSUB-DVI adapter as for accept 15kHz 480i. The typical devices such as avermedia game broadcaster HD has DSUB port, it could not acceptable for RGB 15kHz 480i signal.

 Here's the result of after modified. The quality looks nice and seems to be no problem. BUT,

Something is wrong, especially the word font. we found that, the SC-500N1/DVI has one problem if the input signal had through analog 480i, then field would be shifted. This issue has also known by Amalabo (あまラボ Japanese only). Look at this example carefully, the word "MARVELOUS".

  Raw capture (2x zoomed)                             After field swapped (2x zoomed)

Note that the arrow has been spread rather than raw image, it is normal because of interlaced image. Finally we got perfect quality clip, here's the result.

After corrected clip via SC-500N1/DVI from DDR SN2 AC
Analog RGB 640x480 29.97f, field corrected, deinterlaced (motion adaptive)

 We conclude although the SC-500N1/DVI capture card has a little problem, it can be perfectly capture the analog 480i RGB signal. Today, sudocho usually capture the movie by this method.

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