Introduction my capture system

 So busy in these days, I could not posting.

Now I have just one capture system, sold devices that were no longer needed. I was impressive that intel core i3 haswell CPU has very high performance than what I though. I tested one example of 1080p60 in 3 months ago of realtime compressed capture via core i3-4130 that was successfully captured with no-frame dropped without "intel quick sync video" function. It means that there is no longer needed for high-spec PC, just can get under $400 with capture device.

CPU : Intel Core i3-4130 3.30GHz dual core with hyper threding
RAM : Samsung PC3-10600U 2GB x 2
GPU : No
HDD : WD5000AAKS x2, physically separated OS, record storages.
Capture devices : Micomsoft SC-512N1-L DVI, iEi HDC-302E
POW : Intel Haswell C7 support 350W

 This system can simultaniously captured 3sources of 1080p60 realtime h.264 compressed. Although not yet tested but I guess even though i3-4130 is entry model, it may be capable 2 sources of 1080p60 simultaniously by both CPU and intel QSV, that needed 2 directshow-compatible capture devices. This performance is presented by AVX2 function in haswell lineup, later CPU maybe possible beyond 1080p60 and capable as 3840x2160p. So I sold my Xeon E3-1230 V2 workstation system mentioned in previous post "Review of capture cards" becasued of higher efficiency power consumtion via i3-4130 than E3-1230 V2. It's very silency, only can hear chassis fan sound or with HDD motor when the HDD is working.

 Nowadays there are many kinds of standalone cheap devices for HD capture that are acceptable 1080p60 source but record max 1080p30, no need PC if we want to just capture. And soon it would be available for live-broadcasting device as 1080p as affortable price under $300. We should to wait for next year, I'm very interesiting about these standalone things.